The Obergurgl Optic Nerve Meeting - Focus area 2015 - The Ageing Optic Nerve



Speakers: 15 min talk + 10 min questions

"Rapid Fire" presentations: 7 min talk + 3 min questions

Tuesday 8 December

Jonathan Crowston, Franz Grus & Keith Martin
Welcome and Introduction
8:45 - 10:30 am

Session I: The road to neuroprotection and neuroregeneration - reversing the negative impact of ageing

[Moderators: James Morgan, Patricia Boya]

Patricia Jusuf
Imaging neurogenesis in the developing and regenerating zebrafish retina
Ulrich Luhman
Gene transfer of E2F2 induces in situ regeneration of retinal pigment epithelium
Keith Martin
Protecting the ageing optic nerve
Katharina Bell
Glutamine synthetase shift involved in protective effects of antibodies on retinal ganglion cells
11:00 - 12.15 am

Session II: Autophagy and ageing

[Moderators: James Fawcett, Peter Van Wijngaarden]

Patricia Boya
Autophagy in ageing neurons
Christian Behl
RAB3GAP and autophagy
Jonathan Gilley
Axon degeneration and ageing
Lewis Fry
Structural plasticity of the AIS in injury and recovery
5:30-6:55 pm

Session III: Metabolic challenges of the ageing optic nerve

[Moderators: Elena Vecino, Elaine Johnson]

Julia Edgar
Bioenergetics of the optic nerve
Toru Nakazawa
The role of oxidative stress in optic nerve crush induced RGC death
Hani Levkowitch-Verbin
Increase in retinal ganglion cells´ susceptibility to elevated intraocular pressure and
impairment of their endogenous neuroprotective mechanism by age
Sebastian Funke
Retina proteomics provide new insights in glaucoma


Wednesday 9 December

8:30-10:30 am

Session IV:The ageing immune system and neuroinflammation

[Moderators: Larry Benowitz, Toru Nakazawa]

Andreas Meryk
Ageing of the immune system
Peter van Wijngarden
Franz Grus
Ageing and autoantibodies in glaucoma
Craig Pearson
Characterization of the injury response to an optic nerve crush in the mouse
Jonathan Kipnis
Microglia function in the aged optic nerve
11:00-12:10 am

Session V: Animal models of ageing

[Moderators: Hani Levkowitch-Verbin, Jonathan Kipnis]

Jürgen Ripperger
Circadian clock
Elaine Johnson
Modelliong glaucoma in rats- how ageing alters risk
Julia Teister
Alpha-synuclein antibody is a new candidate to decelerate neurodegeneration in a glaucoma animal model
Fabian Anders
Impact of crystallin proteins on glaucoma
5:30-7:05 pm

Session VI: RGC injury and recovery

[Moderators: Katharina Bell, Patricia Jusuf]

Crawford Downs
Optic nerve head biomechanics and ageing
Julie Albon
Human optic nerve head connective tissue
Jonathan Crowston
Ageing and preservation of RGC function - evidence from human and experimental studies
James Morgan
Complement inhibition prevents early synaptic and dendritic loss in glaucoma
Eamonn Fahy
Single cell electrophysiology following acute IOP injury in mice


Thursday 10 December

8:30 - 10:30 am

Session VII: Neuronal regeneration

[Moderators: Keith Martin, Derek Welsbie]

Larry Benowitz
The role of zinc in optic nerve regeneration
Verena Prokosch-Willing
The neuroregenerative effect of retinal crystallins in glaucoma
Patrice Smith
Intrinsic regulators of regeneration
Richard Eva
Axon regeneration, transport and ageing
Jessie Van Houcke
Fishing for neuroregerative strategies in an ageing environment
11:00 - 12:15 am

Session VIII: Neuroplasticity

[Moderators: Christian Behl, Crawford Downs]

Jessica Kwok
Repairing the ageing brain - neural ECM in regeneration and rehabilitation
Elena Vecino
Muller cells
James Fawcett
Ageing and neuroplasticity
Kate Binley
Retinal ganglion cell dendritic retraction is an early marker of neuronal pathology in mouse retinal explants
5:30-7:25 pm

Session IX: Ageing genes lifestyle and environment

[Moderators: Jonathan Crowston, Franz Grus]

Derek Welsbie
High throughput genetic screeening for genes that induce neuronal death
Chris Leung
Intrinsic controls of axon regeneration
Lucia Poggi
The identification of commissural neuron’s precursors essential for guidance of ganglion cell pioneer axons
Carsten Schmelter
Mass spectrometric analysis of human immunoglobulin peptides
Franz Grus, Jonathan Crowston & Keith Martin
Final discussion: Consensus and future goals, future meetings